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There are many steps in carrying out the entire procedure of computer forensics. The computer forensics analysis tools are readily available for the purpose of performing the forensic analysis. But human intelligence really matters a lot. The capability of the human analysis and intelligent detection of the systems cannot be compromised.

The software forensic tool can always be used to keep a regular track of the activities being performed. Any intentional behavior to commit the crime can generate an alert that can lead to nail the culprit. More over forensic analysis tools can be used effectively where the monitoring is required continuously. There are steps and techniques that should be followed in the analysis of the computer forensics. Some of these steps are discussed below.

The first step is to protect the computer system that needs to be studied from any kinds of further attacks. In case if the computer system is in a network or over an internet then the first step of the computer forensics analyst is to find out the computer system which was used for committing the crime.

If it is known before hand or the computer is located then care should be taken to analyze the system in detail. It should be protected from viruses or malicious programs that may gain access to corrupt the data or information that can be gathered as evidence. It should be protected so that there is no modification of the information.

The next step is the discovery of the information that is usually in the form of the files. These files may include the normal files over the system or even the files that are deleted. In case if the files are deleted then the task of the computer forensics expert is to find the ways of recovering deleted file.

The procedures involved in the data recovery process should be used in order to recover the files. There may also be some cases where in the storage media is physically damaged. Here also the forensics professional should use the tactics to recover the data from the physical locations of the storage device. Other files or information may be in the form of password files. Some of the information may be in the hidden files as well as encrypted files. The task of the forensics expert is to apply the process to decrypt them.

The contents of the temporary files, hidden files and the swap files should also be studied in detail and the conclusions made. The files may also involve the operating system files and the registry files also. The task involves the analysis of all the relevant information in detail.

The analysis of the inaccessible parts of the disk areas and the unallocated space or the slack space over the storage media device should also be carried out. This information is vital and must be protected. Some times it may also happen that in the process of analysis of one type of information the other vital part may get damaged.

Hence care must be taken in order to ensure that all the parts of the information are preserved and are intact. All the collected information should be sorted out to get clear evidence that can be produced as a legal image before the court of law. The evidence is important and needs to be preserved carefully.

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